Naughty Looks Begins

So one of the problems with keeping a general blog is that when I lack a focus or direction, I have difficulty in coming up with topics to blog about.  To that end, I’ve decided to take a page out of my buddy Alex Willging‘s book and make a blog focused purely on art and entertainment.  While I’ll still keep The Naughty Bits up, I’ll be using that as a general/personal blog while using this space to focus on my love of film, gaming, comics, media and other forms of geekery.

So what can you expect?  I’ll be using this spot to cover current/recent films, shows and the like, while also having entries looking back at older works.  Given my age and love of classic flicks, toons and games, you can expect a lot of those.

All in all, I wouldn’t think of this as a review site per se.  While I might take a more discerning or critical look at some things, the focus of this blog will be more exploration rather than evaluation.  If I wanted numerical scores, I’d be an accountant.  Or competent at math.

I’m aiming for at least a weekly schedule, but this will hopefully help me to keep my writing muscles up and I can put out more content as time goes on.

That said, welcome aboard!


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